Facts about shark

  1. Sharks have upper and lower eyelids but they do not blink.
  2. A shark bites with it’s lower jaw first and then its upper.
  3. A shark does not have one bone in its body.  Its skeleton is made up of cartilage.  Cartilage is a tough material, like the material that shapes your ear.
  4. The Swell Shark, found in New Zealand, barks like a dog.
  5. Weird things can be found inside a shark, such as a nail, a bottle of wine, a treasure chest, coats, a suit of armor.
  6. When it comes time to give birth, the female shark loses her appetite so she won’t be tempted to eat her own pups.
  7. A shark may grow and use over 20,000 teeth in its lifetime
  8. A great white shark can go three months without eating.
  9. Most sharks give birth to their babies.  Only a few sharks lay eggs.  Most sharks have six to twelve babies at a time, but the Hammerhead and Tiger Shark can have as many as 40 babies at a time.
  10. The Whale Shark is the biggest fish in the world.
  11. Sharks also have a sensory organ called the “ampullae of Lorenzini” which they use to “feel” the electrical field coming from its prey.
  12. A great white shark cannot get cancer.
  13. Great white sharks are known to charge on boats.
  14. Great white sharks are hard to keep alive in captivity because they refuse to eat.
  15. A great white shark will eat a meal and immediately start looking for the next prey.

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