Useful websites.

1. : hire people to do job for 5 dollars.

2. screen recoder.

3. : skype, facebook, gtalk, yahoo all at one place.

4. : to transfer big files.

5. : cut mp3, free ringtone maker.

6. : power point presentations.

7. : audio books and e books.

8. : to manage all your passwords.

9. : to share your screen with others.

10. : to create your own music by writing it in musical notations.

11. : to find out on which web server is any website being hosted.

12. : to find alexa rank of any website.

13. : online gaming.

14. iknow : learning tools.

15. : shopping search engine to compare prices.

16.  : update status on facebook, twitter, myspace simultaneously.

17. to check if the email you have received is real os spam.

18. : web’s most extensive mathematical resource. : to get reviews of people on books, movies, electronic gadgets, cars etc..

20. : check the speed of your computer.

21. : helps you organize your information in really smart way by various templates.

22. : TeuxDeux is a simple, designy to-do app. If you like making to-do lists, you will love TeuxDeux.

23. : download softwares.

23. :  Take notes in a meeting & share them right away.

24. : check out SEO veiw of any website.

25. – send an online fax for free.


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