Apple turns out to be the most valuable brand

For the last four years, Google has dominated the Brands Top100 ranking of the most valuable global brands but now after the release of ipad and iphone, apple’s brand value top the list.

To know what exactly most valuable company means you got to know brand value of the company. More brand value of company means that people are willing to pay more for a brand than a product. Brand value is the extra money a company can make from its products solely because of its brand name. For example we buy Macdonald burger because it has a brand value. Otherwise there might be so many burgers better than that.

So according to new ranking, Apple has become world’s most valuable brand with an estimated brand value of more than $153bn. Second is Google, third is IBM, then is Macdonald’s. Here is the list on the left.

Also,  Facebook Inc., operator of the world’s largest social- networking site, had a 246 percent climb in brand value, the fastest, to become the No. 35 brand at $19.1 billion.


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