Blogging: full time or part time?

Blogging started in 1990. It started growing to do business from advertisements. Google adsense was the major boast for blogging. Other methods of earning are affiliate marketing, selling products on your websites and many more. But now in 2012 when so many bloggers have already established well deep, the new bloggers who enter this field are really in dilemma. Can they go for full time or stay for part time. There are international blogs like TechCrunch($8,00,000 per month), Mashable($6,00,000 per month), Perez Hilton($2,00,000 per month), JoyStiq, Gizmodo, Engadget, Tuts+, Life Hacker  who are earning really big.And slowly Indian bloggers came into picture. Indian Blogs like Digital Inspitation ($ 36,000 / Month), Amit bhawani ($15,000 Per Month), $11,000 per month),, BlogSolute, honeytechblog are earning a good sum. But the points is if you start blogging then can you become one like them in 2012.

Today scenario is quite different. It has reached a competitive saturation and  and if you want to enter this field you have to be original and innovative. Simply copy paste won’t work for you. The only was to compete is to stay out of competition and follow your own new path in blogging. Just write what you love . One thing I like about blogging is that you really love your work. You won’t have to forcefully do those things which you don’t like. And of course there is no boss. But still the question is can you chose this path for full time and quit your job. Since there is always a risk involved in it so you have to be very sure if you can do that.

The best way is part time blogging, which over the period of around two years would fetch you enough stability and money that you woulds be in a position to quit the job and become full time bloggers and just enjoy life. To reach that stage where you are a full time blogger and  you just have to post 2 to4 articles a day and your business flourishes well. So my opinion for new bloggers is to start part time, work hard, manage time, create more no. of posts and at the same time retain quality and over a period of time you are strong and smart to make things go automatic.

The main point is that if you are a beginner then just don’t get too much inspired from top bloggers and quit everything. No doubt blogging is lucrative and easy business but the is one thing that you should keep in mind is patience. And in beginning you have to concentrate both on quality and pace, but later on just stick to quality and you are done.

Check out this to get inspiration >>Top young internet entrepreneurs<<

Happy Blogging.



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2 responses to “Blogging: full time or part time?

  1. This was useful reading for me. Thank you.

    Yes, I recently found out that with blogging you can even earn money. However, I started writing a blog simply because I like to share my thoughts with others and I hope that they will respond or comment my ideas, my posts.

    I am busy studying and right now I can’t even imagine to start blogging full time.

    Actually, it is a hoby. I write whatever I like and whenever I like.

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