How to add a Facebook badge to you website or blog?

Create a Facebook Badge and start sharing. You can share your status updates, photos and more on any website with Facebook Badges. This is great for signatures  as a sidebar on your own Web site.

  1. How to create Facebook badge:
  2. Click on your name on right up corner on Facebook.
  3. Under the friend’s list click on Add a Badge to Your Site.
  4. Click on create a new badge.
  5. Select the options as per requirement and keep on looking to right the photoof your badge. If you get satisfied, click save.
  6. Click on other and copy the code.
  7. Come to blogger profile Dashboard>>design>>Add a Gadget>>click on HTML/JAVASCRIPT OPTION HTML/JavaScript HTML/JavaScript Add >> Write the tittle>> copy the code in contents>> save.
  8. check out your page, Facebook badge is located.

Video tutorial-

To create it on wordpress check here.


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