How to create an event on Facebook.

  1. Move on to the home page of Facebook.
  2. On the left hand side, click on events tab.
  3. Click create event on upper right corner.
  4. Fill  the details about  event, including the time and place (can be edited  later).
  5. Click on “make the event public” to let everyone see the details and add him/her to it.
  6. click create event.
  7. Now you can invite friends to it by clicking on invite friends tab.
  8. use   to add pic.
  9. You can invite those who are not on fb by clicking Invite Friends. List your friends’ email addresses (separated by commas) in the box labeled Invite by E-mail Address and click submit.
  10. You can always edit the info of event from edit tab on upper right corner.
  11. In case you didn’t created a public event( i.e. your event is private one) and you want to add more admins (who can further invite people or create more admins) you can go to edit tab and in admins section enter the names of admins.
  12. Also you can be the only admins and still allow guests to invite more members by clicking on “Let guests invite friends” tab below “Make this event public (anyone can see and join)” tab which is definitely not selected if you are doing that.
  13. To save changes click save event.
Create an event video lesson.

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