Web Browsers

Google Chrome: Its the fastest web browser with large no. of free add ons, all you can get for free on Chrome web store.

Download Google Chrome  and extensions here.


Mozilla Firefox: It provides best features and powerful library of add-ons, though a little slow than chrome, still one of the widely used web browser.

Download Firefox and extensions here.


Safari: It is a web browser for Mac OS designed bu Apple. It has many features that customize and enhance browsing.

Download Safari and extensions here


Opera: It is also used worldwide used web browser for computer, mobile and other devices. Its not as advanced as chrome and firefox but still it has all the available features. For mobile and tablets Opera mini is used.

Download Opera here, Download Opera mini here, Download Opera extensions here.


Internet Explorer: It is Microsoft product. Its is not very fast one and is used less as compared to Chrome and Firefox. It is available free with Windows.

Download Internet Explorer Here, Download add ons here.


The following web browsers but might be very popular but still have some key features.

Download Netscape here


  Download Lunascape here


Download Maxthon here


Download Seemonkey here


Download Avant Browser here


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