The more I know, I know, how little I know

Knowledge is vast, facts are endless, information is generated several tons every second and your knowledge keeps on piling on. With every experience whether good or bad, you can always learn something or the other. In all that you do, you apply something that you had got before and the process continues, we learn, we apply and we learn again by applying. Even if you are doing the same task 100th time, there is something new that you can get. But that all happens only till we are young. As we grow old, the capability of mind to grasp new things starts perishing and too much repetition is required to grasp and learn.

“Learning never exhausts the mind.”    – (Leonardo Da Vinci) 

Since knowledge is vast and your capabilities are limited, you can’t get the whole of it. In fact, one can’t even master a single field be it singing, computers, sports etc. Therefore, whatever your field of work is, you always have a lot which you can learn. And striving to learn more even bit by bit will inspire you to be better and be more knowledgeable. The quest to have more will get you going and the moment you get something, you realise that you lack a lot and you got to move on. This is the beauty of life. Move on and life has lot to surprise you. Work is no more exhaustive if you keep on learning new things because that will supply vim and spark to get more.

“The day you stop learning is the day you stop living.” – (Albert Einstein)

If your mind stops learning, it gets frustrated. Mind always needs a feed. You can’t put you mind to halt. Mind will do something or the other. Give it a positive feed and satisfy it or else it will keep looking for negative ones and put you in trouble. Controlling our mind requires lots of meditation and inner strength which people lack in today’s fast moving life style. And to cope with today’s world, one needs to develop positive mental attitude by continuous positive feed to your mind (for example by autosuggestion, knowing your inner self etc). If you fail to develop this mental state, it will start germinating negative thoughts.

“An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”



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6 responses to “The more I know, I know, how little I know


    A thought provking article and wonderdul quotes!

  2. I wrote about the same thing once…

    Nice to see others have the same world-view 🙂

  3. Yeah, I was about to write on it so I googled it out and find your blog. Your title is little different, though implies the same. Anyways, then I decided to compose on my own. I have seen your blog, it’s really great.

  4. keep this mindset alive. i agree with you fully.

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