Smoking Kills

“Cigarette is a tobacco butt with with fire on one end and fool on the other”

Most people smoke initially to look cool or to fit in high class society where people smoke often or they just copy others like parents, friends etc. Over the period of time it start clenching you and in no time you quit all hopes to quit smoking.

Smoking is more than just fun or looking cool. It is a habit, it’s addictive. And a bad habit. Its hard to change habits especially the one which causes addiction. You may have strength to beat toughest challenges but still you will find quitting smoking tougher. Today you quit, it clings to you and tomorrow again you live with it.

Here is a small poem that I have written to enlighten bad habits.

Habits are stronger than reasons and logic
Habits are more potent than love and passion
Habits are tougher than emotions and sentiments
Make sure you never ever run
into the trap of a bad one
Because in all that you do
Habit does it for you.


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8 responses to “Smoking Kills

  1. i like this post.. i am totally against SMOKING..!!

  2. Yes, its a silent killer and more importantly, troublesome addiction.

  3. Never even try it. That is the best way. However, I know that smoking is one of the strongest addicitons and it takes huge effort to stop it. I will not lose any words on how harmful is this habit. Extremely !!

  4. Very truly said, the best way to escape is not to ever enter!


    I like the line “Cigarette is a tobacco butt with with fire on one end and fool on the other”

    A very thoughtful article once again, hope everyone take it seriously.

  6. its a poisonous passion.
    one should not even try the first one.

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