Some More Sleep

It is a matter of fact
What people chase is entangled trap
I haven’t slept from a while
Searching for something for which I could die
Life is a chaos as we don’t have vision ahead
I regret those days before exams I didn’t read
So much I do, so little I get
My head’s still aching, what a mess!


People are chasing things for something they can catch
I am relaxed in my room with movies to watch
New things to learn and money to earn
Suppressed I was waiting for my turn
I made mistakes and things changed over
I am looking for something which can make me sober
Chaotic state of mind makes me meek
I think I am going to waste another weak


In all that I do one thing is for sure
I make mistakes but I have to go on
Life doesn’t wait for you to cope
I don’t know why I am becoming so dope
The world is still the same as yesterday
I tried hard but couldn’t get a break
I wasted my day another indeed
I think as usual, I should take some more sleep.




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4 responses to “Some More Sleep


    Theme of the poem is fantastic, on the rhyming part work a little…. on some part you did it quite good, for example, cope-dope, meek-week, over-sober.. etc.. If you wanna make it a rhyming poem, then see to it that the lines have corresponding sounds especially terminal sounds, otherwise make it a poem to ponder about, without rhyming, all poems do not necessarily rhyme, it’s the words that are used in the poem which really counts.

    • Thanks a lot. I think I forcefully did rhyming for every line. Some matched and some didn’t. I always lack words to make proper rhyming. I think I should create some content based poems without much rhyming. Anyways I would really like to thank for your honest critical opinion.

  2. every young person thinks like this for a while. then things change for better or for worse. wish you the best!

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