What does omen portend?

Omen is a phenomenon like nature’s response, animal voice, moon positioning, symbol, good luck charm or amulet, incantation etc. that bodes the upcoming happenings which could be either good or bad depending upon different cultures and their interpretation. It is believed that everything has energy of its own. Positive energies connect to us in conforming manner and foreshadows bonanza whereas negative ones are inauspicious and such premonitions augurs untoward and ill-fated conditions.


However, these portents are totally subjective and are construed differently by various cultures and traditions. Some are believed just to be superstitions and not really a helpful auspice for boding future. For example a cat is believed to be a bad sign and a cow is considered to be fortuitous. In a country like India, cows and cats are too abundant to give you an omenious feeling. How many times it can happen that you find a cows and end up being feckless and hapless. There are many great philosophers and successful people who do not consider omens to play any role.


In ancient times however, it was given huge importance, for example animal sacrifice to God or Goddess was considered to fetch felicitous and providential fortune. However, in today’s generation no one cares what brings what, except the few gamblers, celebrities etc. who largely depends on some stroke of luck to be successful.


Now should you believe in omens is what this articles wants to enlighten. That is, can omens bring success and prosperity to common men lives. The answer is vague and subjective. It may for you and may not for others. Or it may for you now and not always. What I believe is that trying to interpret omens limits your potentials of performance and input you give. However, one can’t deny the fact that fate and destiny means a lot in life and omens govern them. So here I end up, without unclouded views on omens. Yet to end, I would like to state, against all odds, one thing is for sure that hard work and diligence will always fetch good omens and will make you luckier. Just omens alone are not enough.

“Without a sign, his sword the brave man draws, and asks no omen but his country’s cause”     



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  1. Again I agree, these things are subjective, they vary from person to person. one should assess his/her own

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