Writers write for themselves

Why is it so important to understand this concept? If you just want to chase the fame then I guess writing is certainly not the profession for you. Writing is all about expressing yourself towards an expression which you never reach. It’s about tiny details which you can never see but only imagine. It’s about starring at paper for such long time thinking till the moment when blood starts trickling from your forehead. And it’s not easy until you love it. Most people can write but only few who write for themselves and value their writings like million bucks can only be called writers. There is nothing more common than piece of paper with some crap written on it. If you are the one who can find value in that crap then you are a writer. From the farther beginnings, all the great writers were great thinkers and even before that they were great readers. Make sure first you learn the value of writings much before developing vocabulary or correcting grammar. Read your writing or someone else writings as if nothing on earth is more precious than that. Once you understand the value of it only then you can ever be worthy of it.



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21 responses to “Writers write for themselves

  1. A writer does write for himself,but at the end of the day he will always have the urge to show it to others…

    • It’s true but not conversely the same. If you write, you need readers to get encouraged but if you write for an audience, you won’t be able to express your inner self. The purpose of art should be to explore your own dexterity and not to cater the needs of others (because that’s done in business). What I believe is that if your inner instinct is unfeigned to yourself, sooner or later you will be admired. Correct me if I am wrong.

      • Well ofcource you are right!
        No dispute with what you say about one should write about what comes to him naturally and not what makes business sense!
        I call the latter the
        Chetan Bhagat Syndrome by the way:)

  2. ha ha…nice exemplification of business disease.

  3. Truly said! Though I admire his ability to choose to pursue a different walk but still India needs much better English writers to represent the country, at least, better than CB.

  4. Writers write for themselves nice writing. 😉

  5. The theme of this post is great, indeed. I agree with you that every writer must write for himself. The fame and money must not motivation.

    However, at the end, writer also needs audience. To get feedback, to see what other people think about his thoughts. This can be very valuable to him to improve himself.

    I believe, that if the quality writing is the main motivation and if you write from yourself and about the things that you really believe into, than you will get the audience sooner or later.

  6. Reblogged this on THEMANALEX and commented:
    A good article about what should be main motivation for every writer.

  7. Write first and show later 😉

  8. beautiful sentiments. i share your views on this.


  10. Hy, I have nominated your post for an award. Link is here: http://themanalex.com/2012/04/20/versatile-blogger-award/


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