Who do you think is more visionary? “Mark Zuckerberg Or Bill Gates”

World’s Youngest Billionaire      vs  World’s richest man for 13 yrs

Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of world’s largest social networking website called Facebook. He started it during his college time at Harvard and dropped out to convert it into a business. Till date, he is world’s youngest billionaire.

Bill Gates, ranked among the world’s wealthiest people for many years, was the CEO of Microsoft. He stepped down from Microsoft to work for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is looking forward to donate about $28.8 billion.



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20 responses to “Who do you think is more visionary? “Mark Zuckerberg Or Bill Gates”

  1. SUNNY

    In my opinion Bill Gates is more visionary because after getting into top of rich people category he still has hunger to do something for the society.

  2. Definitely Bill Gates
    He is a true genius with a very good heart

  3. Thanx for your feedback….I admire Bill Gates too, he is one of the greatest tycoons ever born. Mark on the other hand is influentially inventive as he affects our life predominantly by Facebook which has become a part of our daily lives. On the whole cheers to the computer world….

  4. Did you know that Zuckerberg copied the idea of Facebook from Harvard Connection…..He is young so feels more inspiring to youth…..I recently watched the movie Social network…Its based on the life of Zuckerberg…..Then I got to know that…..

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      • Thanx a lot Sharmishtha….I never knew my blog would ever become so likeable. Well, Why don’t you give me a topic of your interest and I will write my thoughts on it for you as my next post. It would be really great. What say?

      • Thats will be a tough task for me, 🙂 I am more comfortable with enjoying what my friends have to say than suggesting them something of my choice. Why dont you write something about your life? Something you will love to share? Your cherished experiences or you can try another fiction or poetry that will be fun too.


    Bill Gates has come of age, on the other hand Mark is very young. Given a chance Mark can also do some philanthropic contributions for the promotion of human welfare, he has got time for it.
    Bill really shows the way to someone like Mark, for he believes in giving away most of his wealth to the society and he urges the higher income class to do the same.

  7. Well, both are great, no doubt about that.

    Gates started with computers and these gadgets are now indispensible in our lives. Mark went further and invented facebook which is indispensible in lives of vast majority. From this logic, Bill is more visionary (but who knows what could happen if Mark was born before Gates 🙂

    On the other hand, in 2012 we take computers for granted. We forgot that it took a huge amount of effort to invent them. And it seems as if we only see different programs, social networks that are essential part of our lives. Facebook is absolutely one of the most influental social networks. From this point I would say, Mark is more visionary, because he made one more steep and improve usage of computers.

    • Well said bro……Both have their value in their own respect….Facebook is undoubtedly an influence in our lives…but if there was no Gates…there would not have been this one step further Facebook as well… Its a kind of ladder….and in future there could be someone who overtakes this generation technology…..that doesn’t means present one doesn’t hold any value…in fact it’s a seed to future…
      Many thanx for your valuable opinion….

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  10. Thanx Madhvi……its second time you have nominated me……It really is an honor….

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