Thank you all

“I love sharing my story. It’s endlessly healing.”

I started this blog in march with a motive to express my feelings and share them. I would like to thank to all my WordPress friends who had shared their thoughts with me. Lately, I got passed the mark of 1000 hits which is a kind of a wonderful feeling.  On this occasion, I have created a Facebook page to give it a complete identity. This blog makes me feel happy and I am sure if we all share things with each other we can spread happiness.

Once again many thanks for giving me this overwhelming experience. Hope we all can inspire each other to move on.



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19 responses to “Thank you all

  1. Congrats, its a good feeling

  2. I can understand you. My next goal is 4000 hits, which I hope will achieve soon 🙂

    Wish you many good ideas for great posts.

  3. Congratulations! It’s party time.
    And ya, the topic you asked me to write on, here you go i decided to write on FACEBOOK. You can check out my poem in the link mentioned below.
    Hope you like it!

    • Thanx…..I like your poem….in response to party….I would be happy if you ask me to do sth as you fulfilled mah request by writing this awesome poem.

      • That’s really sweet of you. And about doing something, since you are a great blogger, why don’t you also write something-something that is light hearted and spreads smile around. it could be anything that you want to write.

  4. Well I will wrtie about such a thing very soon. Hope you will like it. Goodbye n see u…..

  5. please dont abandon wordpress because i dont use blogspot or facebook!

    1000 hits is a great achievement. i know few more zeroes are going to add up after it very very soon.

    All the best!

    • I won’t leave WordPress….but I think u should join Facebook….it’s fab platform for sharing…I myself don’t use much but it’s important to be connected. Anyways thanx for ur likes and support….

      • i have some cyberstalking trolls that wont allow me the full utilization of facebook. they stalk me everywhere and bother me, so i cant relish the fun of an open platform like facebook where anyone can scribble something on my wall and before i delete it all my friends will be able to see it.

        have had this experience for years, so i will rather not invite irritation 😦

  6. well don’t worry… whatever suits you…..hope to have a good friendship with you on wordpress…

  7. Congrats..more hits to come! cheers 🙂

  8. by the way, not a single post in ten days!!!!!!!!!!
    what are you doing?

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