This is dedicated to one of mah blogger friend Madhvi, who is really a wonderful person.

“It was right then that I started thinking about Thomas Jefferson on the Declaration of Independence and the part about our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And I remember thinking how did he know to put the pursuit part in there? That maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue and maybe we can actually never have it. No matter what. How did he know that? “

Happiness could be complex enough to actually be defined or simple enough just like breathing. However the dark side of human nature (which constitutes elements like greed, anger and many more which everyone is though aware of yet not deprived of) makes us choose the former part. One can never chase happiness. One can achieve it for some time but sooner or later it perishs and to choas. However, there is always something in life for everyone which can make us experience this feeling. It could be music, someone special, any good deed etc…

A mother seeing the well being of her child feels happiness. A farmer toiling hard and earning meal experiences it. An artist practicing his art feels happiness and any human being helping others unselfishly feels this wonder. A person having money, power or fame could even be lacking this altruistic feeling in his life. On the other hand, a person poor enough in the eyes of society might be enlightened within, to be happy.

No one can teach you to be happy but you. This post doesnโ€™t tell you the means to achieve it. However it enlightens very little aspect of this limitless concept. I decided to write it with an intention to find my own purpose. Everyone has a purpose which somehow we forget in this fast moving life. There is an activity which states that “spare at least half an hour of day to practice that thing which has no other purpose but just pure feeling of happiness.” Forget your job, studies, promises, responsibilities for that period and figure out or practice that something. It will help you explore your life and add more meaning to it.


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11 responses to “Happiness

  1. i guess i share john lennon’s point of view about life. ๐Ÿ™‚
    i hope and pray he was successful in his aim of life, i am. its tough to keep me miserable for long.
    i think if someone shoves me under water with a rock tied to my neck i will grow fins and gills ๐Ÿ™‚

    • You are really a mysterious writer. Relating to fins and gills is really tuff but I think I am getting it a little. Anyhow, John lenon was really a great musician. His life story inspires me, so I quoted. This quote actually defines the main purpose of life which is to be happy. Though it’s a temporary concept still it adds very meaningful ingredient to life. Still some how or the other we can’t escape misery as well. Its actually two sides of a coin.
      Be happy, stay blessed……

      • we cant run away from sadness, then if we know, sadness makes happiness beautiful. “Rahi manwa dukh kee chinta kyon satati hai, dukh to apna sathi hai, sukh to hai ek chhaon aati hai jati hai…”

        you know hindi, right?

  2. Happiness is very relative. As you also mentioned above. For someone, having a good car is a key to happiness while the other one feels happy if he or she sees a rainbow.
    Happiness can be a kind of motivation to do things. I believe that permanent state of happiness is not possible. We do something in order to be happy and at the end we can really be.
    But because we are always moving and learning beings we soon find that we must go further and to achieve the same state of happiness we must do some other things, better and more. This is so because we improves ourselves, our criteria becomes higher. So in a way, happiness can be a trigger push yourself above limits.

    • hey aleksander, I think you have very beautifully extracted the theme of it and composed it very well. “Permanent state of happiness is not possible” is exactly what I was trying to say but couldn’t find exact words. You did it for me. The extended part which states that it acts as a triggering motivation is actually so practical. Thanx for such a meaningful comment.

  3. I love the lyrics of imagine, his legendary song, have not read much of his works forget about biography. may be some day…..

  4. wow an amazing piece of work. Seriously amazing . first of all thanks for dedicating it to me and the other thing- these words said by John Lennon have always inspired me. Life is not what we think or imagine , it is completely different concept. Everyday one has to struggle for his or her existence. I however do not agree with the fact that HAPPINESS can be learnt. Happiness is obviously a felling that one has to feel it but what actually leads to this feeling is a prolonged condition of sadness or a feeling of being “deprived off”. If we are not sad or we don’t want a thing badly and we are completely satisfied with all that we have (which is close to impossible) we can never feel what BEING HAPPY actual feels like! and at times it may even be possible that a condition for happiness for one would be the same condition for the sadness for other. Anyways, the actual point is nothing is constant, so one should try to be HAPPY for the maximum times that he/she can be because you never know who falls for your smile….

    Seriously, well written. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanx a lot….It inspires me too. I really like Beatles songs, specially the lyrics.
      I agree with you that we have to struggle for happiness. Feeling of sadness precedes it. You explained it very well.
      Well I will keep in mind dis tip of your to smile coz we never know that someone can actually fell for it. It seems to be beneficial, a practically applicable advice indeed.
      Thanx for such a wonderful comment.
      Be happy and more importantly keep smiling….you know why….bcoz u never know that sb can find it adorable.haha…just kiddin.

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