My heart aches…..

You were once my motivation

I am now in sick situation

Why can’t I be the one

Starring at past, I am stunned


I hope life is not a joke

I hate it with my head so dope

With all the reasons against you

I can’t find a single one to hate you


You said once to be forever mine

All alone now, I feel like a worthless dime

Endless world, so much to do

I can’t think something but you


Come back or murder me

Just make me burden free

Thinking of past, I cry for u

I wish I could ever die for you.


yours sincerely

wasting away……..




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11 responses to “My heart aches…..

  1. I hope the poem’s got nothing to do with your heart brake. If yes, then i pray everything become fine again.
    About the poem- What hurts more is not the fact that the person has left you, what hurts even more are the memories related to that person that never leave you. And when you hold on to them and never let them go-it even hurts more and digs several holes in your heart .
    This poem is clearly depicting how painful is it to be a broken heart…

  2. i have dashed with humour but its a sad narration of lots of good relationship. with age we realize that people change with time, that doesnot makes them bad or us bad, things just change.

    when it does, my motto is to move on, pining or weeping but moving on always helps more than lingering around a person who no longer cares.

    • sorry replace “i have dashed” with “you have dashed”

      ego!!! phew!!!

      • its better to express your sadness to feel happiness at the end of the day. how about dat…
        “Har khamoshi ka matlab inkaar nahi hota
        Har nakamyabi ka matlab haar nahi hota
        kya hua agar hum tume na paa sake
        Sirf paane ka matlab pyar nahi hota…”

        Though its easy to say “move on”, its hard to actually move…

      • we share the same point of view again. its tough to move on but the sooner we do, the better are the scopes for future happiness 🙂

  3. With the landing of every plane lies the prerequisite for another mighty take off…up,up,up to the skies past the borders of limits and barriers! Thanks for sharing.

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