I wrote this poem inspired by a really wonderful and touching song of John Lennon– Imagine.


Imagine there are no limits

Just freedom, no bounds

Is sky the limit?

It’s not hard if you try


Imagine there is one God

Blessings all around

If you ever feel timid

Just know that you are fine


Imagine there is no hate

Feel the love that surrounds

If you ever feel alone

Just look inside, I am yours


You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope, someday you’ll join us

And the world will be oneeee



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14 responses to “Imagine

  1. this is as beautiful as the John Lennon poem, I just loved that poem. I am going to love this one too.

    • Thanx for your praise though exaggerated, to compare dis one to that of beatles yet I feel goooooooood.
      Thnx…..n ya am indian(from punjab) so I like Hindi more that english.
      “Rahi manwa dukh kee chinta kyon satati hai, dukh to apna sathi hai, sukh to hai ek chhaon aati hai jati hai…” suites well….
      Where r u from.?

      • I am from West Bengal, I live in Kolkata, my family home is about hundred km from here in Burdwan. I have spent first sixteen years of my life in UP and Delhi so hindi is more like second mother tongue to me.

        I prefer speaking in Hindi or Bengali too. 🙂

      • That praise was not exaggerated. Your poem has its own beauty, you may say that Lennon laid the foundation and you have built your own Tajmahal on it but that doesnot makes it less beautiful.

        next post please 🙂

    • I love Beatles…actually i m really fond of music…I wrote it lately when you reminded me of this awesome song of Beatles.
      So u are from Kolkata….a big place it is….what do you do….Kolkatain Girl….

  2. your highness! where is your next post? Boy!!!! you are so irregular! If you want to stick in blogosphere post atleast alternate day.

    • Hey girl daisy….
      i m little lazy….
      but here it’s lot mazy….
      i feel shivering sneezy….
      mah exams are gonna end very soon
      till then take it easy 🙂

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