Two letters.

I woke up and read mah last night jot

which is written below, describing all mah fraught


1)>I think sometimes overstressed till the last dot

Girl, you are mah sweet little pot

Don’t go away, I love you a lot

we could be together living happly in a boat

orΒ  in the backyard with a cow and a goat

If you ever love me not

I will hit myself with a gunshot

Or kill people without a single thought




2)>Just leave me forever, I besought

Let me delete in mah brain, your snapshot

Go away and end this distraught

All mah wounds has recovered to clot

I owe you none and love you not

If you are hurt then drink bullshot

This is to you, mah last ever written jot……



yours not so interested friend

name written in your fake memories….



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6 responses to “Two letters.

  1. good one! amazing one. πŸ™‚

  2. your sense of humour is so like my way of thinking, only i use softer words and sometimes angrier ones πŸ™‚

    these two poems are terrific!

    keep them coming.

    • That’s an extreme behaviour….I thought u were moderate one….I am disheveled and irregular though….U seems to me a lot more of composed and calm type….
      Thanx for the praise…..I love to read your comments…

      • I used to be calm, lately whatever i call myself i cant call myself calm, but i am silent, mostly πŸ™‚

        silent as a dark cloud bursting with lightning and thunder ha ha.

  3. hope you wont be scared πŸ™‚

  4. haha…the first piece is very funny! liked it quite a bit!

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