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Two letters.

I woke up and read mah last night jot

which is written below, describing all mah fraught


1)>I think sometimes overstressed till the last dot

Girl, you are mah sweet little pot

Don’t go away, I love you a lot

we could be together living happly in a boat

or  in the backyard with a cow and a goat

If you ever love me not

I will hit myself with a gunshot

Or kill people without a single thought




2)>Just leave me forever, I besought

Let me delete in mah brain, your snapshot

Go away and end this distraught

All mah wounds has recovered to clot

I owe you none and love you not

If you are hurt then drink bullshot

This is to you, mah last ever written jot……



yours not so interested friend

name written in your fake memories….



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I wrote this poem inspired by a really wonderful and touching song of John Lennon– Imagine.


Imagine there are no limits

Just freedom, no bounds

Is sky the limit?

It’s not hard if you try


Imagine there is one God

Blessings all around

If you ever feel timid

Just know that you are fine


Imagine there is no hate

Feel the love that surrounds

If you ever feel alone

Just look inside, I am yours


You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope, someday you’ll join us

And the world will be oneeee


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My heart aches…..

You were once my motivation

I am now in sick situation

Why can’t I be the one

Starring at past, I am stunned


I hope life is not a joke

I hate it with my head so dope

With all the reasons against you

I can’t find a single one to hate you


You said once to be forever mine

All alone now, I feel like a worthless dime

Endless world, so much to do

I can’t think something but you


Come back or murder me

Just make me burden free

Thinking of past, I cry for u

I wish I could ever die for you.


yours sincerely

wasting away……..



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Started anew

This was the moment I had seen in my dreams
My head and heart clear as marine
I knew what I was going to do
And I didn’t hesitate to choose out of two
All the pain and the burden was gone
I was like a new wave moving on
All the problems which used to prick
me out and make me sick
were no more of my concern
coz i have a new life to discern
Everything seemed so light as morning dew
This was the moment I lost all and started anew.
“It’s never an end until there is a happy ending”


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Smoking Kills

“Cigarette is a tobacco butt with with fire on one end and fool on the other”

Most people smoke initially to look cool or to fit in high class society where people smoke often or they just copy others like parents, friends etc. Over the period of time it start clenching you and in no time you quit all hopes to quit smoking.

Smoking is more than just fun or looking cool. It is a habit, it’s addictive. And a bad habit. Its hard to change habits especially the one which causes addiction. You may have strength to beat toughest challenges but still you will find quitting smoking tougher. Today you quit, it clings to you and tomorrow again you live with it.

Here is a small poem that I have written to enlighten bad habits.

Habits are stronger than reasons and logic
Habits are more potent than love and passion
Habits are tougher than emotions and sentiments
Make sure you never ever run
into the trap of a bad one
Because in all that you do
Habit does it for you.


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Some More Sleep

It is a matter of fact
What people chase is entangled trap
I haven’t slept from a while
Searching for something for which I could die
Life is a chaos as we don’t have vision ahead
I regret those days before exams I didn’t read
So much I do, so little I get
My head’s still aching, what a mess!


People are chasing things for something they can catch
I am relaxed in my room with movies to watch
New things to learn and money to earn
Suppressed I was waiting for my turn
I made mistakes and things changed over
I am looking for something which can make me sober
Chaotic state of mind makes me meek
I think I am going to waste another weak


In all that I do one thing is for sure
I make mistakes but I have to go on
Life doesn’t wait for you to cope
I don’t know why I am becoming so dope
The world is still the same as yesterday
I tried hard but couldn’t get a break
I wasted my day another indeed
I think as usual, I should take some more sleep.



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