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My dear ex-wife, I can die for you.

A letter to my ex-wife

My dear ex-wife, I feel like punching you in your face or hitting your head with a stone. Every time I try to put an effort to my work your face continuously bother me. By the way, you have a very captivating face. I still remember those days of our college when I fell in your love. Your face had left me spellbound and engrossed me in your love. Therefore, I decided to break out the nerves of your face so that you no longer perturb my focus and emotions. But still I feel like a love bird and my heart laments for your intimate affection. Perplexed by these mixed emotions, I have decided to write you a letter. After all, 10 years have passed when you left me and I haven’t written a single letter to my dear angel ex-wife.

My dear ex wife, I wish I could escape these feelings after you left me. Why didn’t you take your keepsake which continuously reminds me of you? All your dresses, shoes, luxuries etc which you bought from my money though, still they have your presence in it and it lets me down every now and then. By the way, how selfish and filthy money minded you are? You had at least spent Rs 30lakhs of mine in 3yrs when we lived together. And when you divorced me, you confiscated another 90lakhs of property, leaving me in pitiful condition both with money and emotions. Do you know how traumatic my life has become after you went? So today I have decided to burn all your possessions which give me traumas. All your memories would be burnt to ashes by today and you will be just nobody for me from today onwards.

My dear ex wife, you were such a fool. You left me for such a bastard mongrel person who stands nowhere in comparison to my love which I had given to you. I wish you could understand that but you were busy buying, shopping and spending my money. Sometimes I felt like a cloth which you though had purchased but after using for sometimes, you had discarded me to bin. Why I couldn’t understand the love that I gave you was of no significance to you? Why I couldn’t understand that you never loved me, you only loved my money. Any ways, these things don’t matter anymore because I am coming to your house to KILL you tomorrow. Yes you got it right, I am going to put an end to my love which was once everything thing to me. Then you will realize the value of my love. Here I am preparing for coming to your house to see you dying and yelling for mercy. So tomorrow on the beautiful occasion of our marriage anniversary I am going to MURDER you.

My dear ex wife, don’t think that I ever felt lonely without you. Or I have turn out to be thin and pale. In fact I am healthy and happy but still I am going to take revenge of your betrayal, by KILLING you. Today I am going to get free from mental asylum after 10 years and then tomorrow you will be dead. And when I will come to you then I will explain you how I have died each day longing for you, crying in this lonely darkness and nobody was there to listen to my weeping shouts in this jail. I will explain you how I turned from a normal loving person to a demented psycho. I will explain you how people used to call me mentally ill and I couldn’t understand why they were saying me this. I will explain you how I was dragged by police to prison and had lived last 9 years over here. You have made my life a curse in which I have to live but each day aches similar to a death. Why didn’t you kill me when you left me?

Did you remember in college when I used to say I can die for you, so today is the day, I am going to prove it to you. I am going to kill myself today. Yes I would be no more after today and this psychotic person shall not live tomorrow to kill you. I will die for you and hope you will understand me after reading this letter. I may be nothing for you but you are special for me. I am no Romeo, but only thing I know is that I loved you and will love you forever, even after death.



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My first story(fiction).

My name is Manu and I cry over my fate and destiny each day of my life. Why God is so unfair to give perfect world to some and few like me are totally screwed and hopeless? I wish to just lock myself in a room and never come out of it. If there are some magical powers in this world which I am sure is unrealistic but just to console myself, I wish those wizardly beings turn me from a despondent and dejected zero to shinning hero. If not that at least turn me into a normal person. Ok not much, at least get me a girlfriend. Oh! Just forget it, it’s never going to happen and you know why? Just take a look at one single day of my life and then you know what I am saying.

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