My first story(fiction).

My name is Manu and I cry over my fate and destiny each day of my life. Why God is so unfair to give perfect world to some and few like me are totally screwed and hopeless? I wish to just lock myself in a room and never come out of it. If there are some magical powers in this world which I am sure is unrealistic but just to console myself, I wish those wizardly beings turn me from a despondent and dejected zero to shinning hero. If not that at least turn me into a normal person. Ok not much, at least get me a girlfriend. Oh! Just forget it, it’s never going to happen and you know why? Just take a look at one single day of my life and then you know what I am saying.

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Writers write for themselves

Why is it so important to understand this concept? If you just want to chase the fame then I guess writing is certainly not the profession for you. Writing is all about expressing yourself towards an expression which you never reach. It’s about tiny details which you can never see but only imagine. It’s about starring at paper for such long time thinking till the moment when blood starts trickling from your forehead. And it’s not easy until you love it. Most people can write but only few who write for themselves and value their writings like million bucks can only be called writers. There is nothing more common than piece of paper with some crap written on it. If you are the one who can find value in that crap then you are a writer. From the farther beginnings, all the great writers were great thinkers and even before that they were great readers. Make sure first you learn the value of writings much before developing vocabulary or correcting grammar. Read your writing or someone else writings as if nothing on earth is more precious than that. Once you understand the value of it only then you can ever be worthy of it.


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What does omen portend?

Omen is a phenomenon like nature’s response, animal voice, moon positioning, symbol, good luck charm or amulet, incantation etc. that bodes the upcoming happenings which could be either good or bad depending upon different cultures and their interpretation. It is believed that everything has energy of its own. Positive energies connect to us in conforming manner and foreshadows bonanza whereas negative ones are inauspicious and such premonitions augurs untoward and ill-fated conditions.


However, these portents are totally subjective and are construed differently by various cultures and traditions. Some are believed just to be superstitions and not really a helpful auspice for boding future. For example a cat is believed to be a bad sign and a cow is considered to be fortuitous. In a country like India, cows and cats are too abundant to give you an omenious feeling. How many times it can happen that you find a cows and end up being feckless and hapless. There are many great philosophers and successful people who do not consider omens to play any role.


In ancient times however, it was given huge importance, for example animal sacrifice to God or Goddess was considered to fetch felicitous and providential fortune. However, in today’s generation no one cares what brings what, except the few gamblers, celebrities etc. who largely depends on some stroke of luck to be successful.


Now should you believe in omens is what this articles wants to enlighten. That is, can omens bring success and prosperity to common men lives. The answer is vague and subjective. It may for you and may not for others. Or it may for you now and not always. What I believe is that trying to interpret omens limits your potentials of performance and input you give. However, one can’t deny the fact that fate and destiny means a lot in life and omens govern them. So here I end up, without unclouded views on omens. Yet to end, I would like to state, against all odds, one thing is for sure that hard work and diligence will always fetch good omens and will make you luckier. Just omens alone are not enough.

“Without a sign, his sword the brave man draws, and asks no omen but his country’s cause”     


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तुम हो!!

अगर दिल में है चाहत

तो तुम हो।

अगर आँखों में है चमक

तो तुम हो।

वरना ज़िंदगी तो है एक दरिया

समझ न पाओगे इसे कभी भईया।

सही गलत किसने है जाना

दुनिया का ये खेल एकदम अंजाना।

जो चाहोगे वो न पाओगे

इन रंगो में कही गुम हो जाओगे।

सब कुछ पा कर भी तुम ये नहीं जाने हो

कि तुम अपने आप से आज भी बेगाने हो।

कुछ कर दिखाना हा तो ये जान लो,

कि तुम हो, जो तुम हो

तुम्हारी पहचान, तुम खुद ही हो।


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Started anew

This was the moment I had seen in my dreams
My head and heart clear as marine
I knew what I was going to do
And I didn’t hesitate to choose out of two
All the pain and the burden was gone
I was like a new wave moving on
All the problems which used to prick
me out and make me sick
were no more of my concern
coz i have a new life to discern
Everything seemed so light as morning dew
This was the moment I lost all and started anew.
“It’s never an end until there is a happy ending”


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Smoking Kills

“Cigarette is a tobacco butt with with fire on one end and fool on the other”

Most people smoke initially to look cool or to fit in high class society where people smoke often or they just copy others like parents, friends etc. Over the period of time it start clenching you and in no time you quit all hopes to quit smoking.

Smoking is more than just fun or looking cool. It is a habit, it’s addictive. And a bad habit. Its hard to change habits especially the one which causes addiction. You may have strength to beat toughest challenges but still you will find quitting smoking tougher. Today you quit, it clings to you and tomorrow again you live with it.

Here is a small poem that I have written to enlighten bad habits.

Habits are stronger than reasons and logic
Habits are more potent than love and passion
Habits are tougher than emotions and sentiments
Make sure you never ever run
into the trap of a bad one
Because in all that you do
Habit does it for you.


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Some More Sleep

It is a matter of fact
What people chase is entangled trap
I haven’t slept from a while
Searching for something for which I could die
Life is a chaos as we don’t have vision ahead
I regret those days before exams I didn’t read
So much I do, so little I get
My head’s still aching, what a mess!


People are chasing things for something they can catch
I am relaxed in my room with movies to watch
New things to learn and money to earn
Suppressed I was waiting for my turn
I made mistakes and things changed over
I am looking for something which can make me sober
Chaotic state of mind makes me meek
I think I am going to waste another weak


In all that I do one thing is for sure
I make mistakes but I have to go on
Life doesn’t wait for you to cope
I don’t know why I am becoming so dope
The world is still the same as yesterday
I tried hard but couldn’t get a break
I wasted my day another indeed
I think as usual, I should take some more sleep.



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